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Preserving water resources one drop at a time


Our Mission and Our People

CLM’s mission is to provide water solution strategies and education to help communities enhance their quality of life and learn to live sustainably with the environment.

Our Vision is to enhance water resources by offering sustainable living strategies and education that enhance environmental excellence through ingenuity and collaboration.

And we stand true to our core values of honesty, integrity, collaboration, and ingenuity.

Dion Castro back

President and CEO

MA, QISP #018, QSP/QSD #00111, CPESC #5893

Mr. Castro has over 25 years experience solving issues related to water, wastewater and stormwater compliance. He has facilitated projects with all levels of government from city and county to state and Federal. His public works experience includes planning, organizing and managing compliance and field inspections of SWPPP, WPCP, NPDES, and local ordinance permit compliance. He was given the clean water act excellence award in Pretreatment Program compliance by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Mr Castro is an expert in NPDES inspections related to WDRs, and SWPPP/WPCP compliance for public works, commercial and industrial sites, and construction projects. He is a member of the California Water Environment Association Technical Certification Committee. He has been an instructor and trainer for Water Engineering Courses, Industrial Wastewater Technology and International Environmental Management at San Bernardino Valley College and University of California Riverside. He is a certified Environmental Compliance Inspector Grade IV which certifies competency at the managerial level for eliminating, reducing, or controlling wastewater discharges into publicly owned treatment works or receiving waters which could have a negative impact on aquatic life or environment. Mr. Castro is a Trainer of Record for QSD/P and QISP programs as certified by the California Stormwater Quality Association. He has Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Enironmental Studies from the University of Redlands, in Redlands, California and his Master’s in Environment and Community from Antioch University in Seattle, Washington that focused on how to design, build and live in communities that harmonize with the environment.

Ronald (Ron) Lamaster back

Principal and Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Lamaster has extensive experience with Storm Water Compliance, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and Water Pollution Control Plans. He works closely with Caltrans and is a member of Caltrans Storm Water Task Force as a compliance and assistance inspector. He has developed, reviewed, and implemented storm water pollution prevention guidelines and plans, best management practices, water pollution control training, NPDES permit compliance, water pollution control manual review and development, storm water program audits, technical water pollution control bulletins. He has acted as a liaison for all divisions with the Environmental Protection Agency, State Water Resources Control Board, Regional Water Quality Control Boards. He is the Executive Chair of the “Construction EPC” for CASQA (California Storm Water Quality Association), Member of the IECA (International Erosion Control Association), and advisor and trainer for CIESC (Certified Inspector of Erosion and Sediment Controls).


Greg McCormick back

Professional Engineer

P.E., QSD, RCE #C65217, QSD #00914

Mr. McCormick is a licensed civil engineer with an emphasis on environmental applications. His background includes many facets of engineering including design and construction for residential, commercial and public works projects.  He is an experienced and qualified SWPPP developer, environmental and construction inspector, and has served as Water Pollution Control Manager for several heavy civil construction projects. He has experience developing traffic control plans, falsework and shoring plans, as well as assisting with quantity take-offs.  Mr. McCormick’s experience also includes Caltrans and railway construction projects. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Resources Engineering from Humboldt State University in Humboldt, California. 


Martha Vasquez back

Office Manager

Ms. Vasquez has been CLM’s Office Manager since early 2012.  She is responsible for many facets of the business including operations of the front office, such as appointment setting, document preparation, and file management. Her bookkeeping responsibilities include billing, invoicing, report preparation and analysis. She handles both accounts payable and receivable for the office. Ms. Vasquez is the training concierge, responsible for scheduling and setting up various training seminars both at CLM offices and offsite.